FPA maps

FPAMaps is a user friendly interface program that allow you to plot high resolution maps taken with FPA detector. A few functionalities are included allowing you to :

  • Set and adapt the limits of the range of absorbtion you want to display.
  • Convert the Overtone map (Si-O bonding harmonics area) to thicknessn (if you know the conversion factor for your mineral)
  • Normalise the water map to the thickness map (assuming constant thickness or variable thickness made from overtone map)
  • Quantify your map in term of water content (if you know the appropriate coefficient of absorbtion).
  • Display and extract spectra from your map from selected positions.
  • Save your figures in high quality vectorial files (.eps), that you can handles and modify with Illustrator / gimp afterwards.

For more details about this program and to find out how this is working, please have a look at the user guide.