Autodeconvolution is a set of programs that allow user to resolve complex spectra from profiles and maps measured by FTIR. These program are based on a modified version of peakfit firstly developped by Tom O’Haver. This is a trial and error algorithm, and need lots of iterations to optimise accuracy of the results. Live display on Matlab Command window and a wait bar allow to follow progress for long profiles and maps. As datafiles are automatically saved after process, I advise you to let it run through nights.

Two main program were created :

  • Autodeconvolution is the most basic one. You enter a number of peaks and their positions (you need a reference spectrum for your profile). At the end you will get profiles for each peak. It is particularly usefull for water diffusion profiles accross mineral, and growth zoning (if peaks are not shifting too much)
  • Autodeconvolution – magicfit is a more advanced version. For each spectrum, instead of trying to find the n number of peaks you set, it will find the best fit even if it is with less peaks than you set. This is particularly suited for advanced diffusion profiles where peaks are appearing or disappearing along the profile.

For more details about how to use these functions, please consults de the user guide manual