Tipeaks 2.0 is a Matlab based – user interface program that allow you to resolve complex FTIR spectrum. It is based on a non-linear regression algorithm (Nelder Mead).

This interface call a function named peakfit which was first developped by Tom O’Haver and that I modified in order to improve performance for FTIR spectrum. See  https://terpconnect.umd.edu/~toh/spectrum/InteractivePeakFitter.htm  for more details about this function.

This program is a trial and error algorithm and can sometimes, sadly, not converge. It takes as input arguments the signal as two column matrix, the shape of the peaks (gaussian or lorentzian peaks), the number of peaks and the number of iterations (number of fit the program try to do and display the best among them), and finally the range of interest in wavenumbers.

For more details about how this is working, consult the related user guide on this website.

Note that this program was made for fitting water peaks in nominally anhydrous minerals, although it could be used for any FTIR spectrum.